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 Applicants guide

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PostSubject: Applicants guide   Applicants guide Icon_minitimeSat Dec 29, 2007 2:06 pm

Welcome to the House of the New Dawn,

When writing an application to join our guild please follow the following form as your application will otherwise be denied.

OOC Info
1) How did you find out about us?
2) Have you been in or are you currently in any other AoC Guilds?
3) Why do you want to join?

IC Info
1) Character name, first and last.
2) Character race.
3) Character age.
4) Clan you intend for your character to join
5) Character description.
6) Character background.
7) Your characters reason to want to join

Also please remember to use the name you intend for your character as your username on the forum!

IMPORTANT NOTICE! As the New Dawn now has gathered a lot of members we will from now on make it more difficult to join the guild, you shall be required to show that you are a good roleplayer by starting a story of how you came to join the New Dawn as a roleplay thread, where our members will interact with you. Please follow our forum RP guidelines for this purpose.

If you have written your application as specified above you are one step closer to becoming a member, however there are still more requirements, we are a role playing guild and that is our main drive, all other aspects of the guild, pvp and pve are secondary, optional. You don't have to do either of them to join our guild, simply we are only interested in role players and role play even though we do pvp and pve occasionally sometimes even often.

To be an achieved role player you need an achieved character, that means it must be thought through well. Thus you must have a description of at least 50 words and a background of at least 75 words. If you fail to meet these requirements you will also be denied, furthermore if your character does not meet our role playing policies you will also be denied. If you do manage to pass all these obstacles, welcome to the House of the New Dawn!

[i]Note that your character may have been born in the New Dawn, in this case you do not need to provide a reason why you join, you do however need to give a little bit of background of who your parents were (does not need to be existing character members in the New Dawn), what clan they were in, if they're alive, what rank they had and a bit about who they generally were. Nothing big, but should be believable. Characters born in the New Dawn may have reached a maximum of 20 years old (except in cases were both parents joined the New Dawn when they had a very young child (below four years age)).
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Applicants guide
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