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 Application examples

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PostSubject: Application examples   Application examples Icon_minitimeSat Dec 29, 2007 2:04 pm

Here is an example of an application that would be successful:

1) Khmir Abdulkareem
2) Stygian
3) 23
4) Clan of Dyma

5) Khmir is short compared to his kinsmen and he has the dark skin tone of the lower class of Stygia, his hair is black and matted, uncared for. he walks with a limp on his right leg and he's somewhat hunchbacked, theres a look in his eyes though, and a smile on his lips. Dressed in tattered robes he carries with him at all times a book that does not reflect on his otherwise shabby appearence, it is bound in fine leather and decorated with elegant silver across its front.

6) Khmir Abdulkareem was born into a poor family in Stygia, he had little education but his mother taught him to read between harsh hours in the mines. It was so that he came across the posters that the New Dawn had published across the capitol and at their meetings found a new purpose in life. He went to his father with his new discoveries and was found a sinner against set, punished with the whip he was left a cripple in body but even stronger his determination in mind. Leaving his family behind he set out for Kathia to the north, arriving at the gates near famished and clutching the book of balance in his arms like it was his life.

7) Khmir has learned about the New Dawns ideology and has taken it as his own, now he seeks to join the New Dawn to spread its teachings to the world and live it himself.

Note: this is a pretty biased character concept, your character does not need to have such a devotion to the new dawn when he first joins, though need of course have some interest as a reason to join.
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Application examples
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