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 Kathia - A description

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Kathia - A description Empty
PostSubject: Kathia - A description   Kathia - A description Icon_minitimeTue Apr 15, 2008 9:38 am

Note: Since we don't know yet what the city will look like in-game this is just a preliminary description, what we wish the city could look like.
Also note that we will update the description of the city as it is built and provide maps etc. in the future.

Traveling a trampled path up the grassy mountain side one wouldn't suspect that here lies a city until reaching the very edge of the plateau it lies upon. Where the cliff of the mountain that raises behind the city does not provide natural protection a tall granite wall, (stone taken from the mountain where it is being carved out for a more continuing flat surface), is being erected, workers that are equipped with swords takes a brief pause from their labor to look up at you but not seeing you as a threat they leave you be. Passing the foundation of what will one day be a huge city gate you can see that the land inside is elevated in three steps, each rise a couple of hundred meters in between and directly in front of you far in the distance and seemingly built into the mountain wall behind it is a huge fortress, one of the few buildings here that seem completed. Roads have been laid here, a very broad main road leading directly forward and from it goes other streets which follow the curve of the city defenses quite well, seeing the many house foundations along it you suspect this is to make sure that the space is used as efficiently as possible. Still a few of them are finished, what you suspect to be barracks, a smithy, some carpenters shops as well as a tavern.
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Kathia - A description
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