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 Plot hooks

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PostSubject: Plot hooks   Plot hooks Icon_minitimeTue Jul 29, 2008 12:13 pm

What this guild really needs at this point is some interesting plot hooks for the guild members. Now, I've been trying to do some scenarios in the guild channel, I think this has worked well and I've gotten positive responce from the participants. Of course, now while I'm gone on this trip I can't continue to do that during this time. However what I can do is think of plot hooks for when I come back.

One problem we've had, especially with the research branch plot however is that I've tried to involve as many of our members as possible in the plot to spread the fun around as much as possible. The drawback on this has been that I haven't been able to continue the plot due to inactivity from some members while other members have been online.

To counter this I made this thread where I would like you to tell me what people you'd like to have plots with because you know that you'll be able to be online at the same time. I'd also like you to remember that you can always grab me for a story when I'm online, this should go for the Dorini aswell but of course I can't speak for them. In any case if theres someone you want to group up with then and you see me online, just throw me a whisper about it and we'll kick something off the ground.

Happy roleplaying!
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Plot hooks
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