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 [A notice board used for making sentences public in Kathia]

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PostSubject: [A notice board used for making sentences public in Kathia]   Tue Jul 15, 2008 6:34 pm

*Upon a square of parchment reads*

On the 15th of July Shan're Azurath of Clan Lore was sentenced to thirty lashes, aswell as a demotion to Theroshan. Furthermore Azurath has been ordered to hand over any books in his posession for his clans library.

This punishment followed Azuraths confession to our Dathanar that he had disobeyed a direct order to stay away from Stygia, twice. As the order only concerned his own safety and because of the reasons as to why he chose to disobey the order the Dathanar chose to give Azurath the mercy of life and a chance to redeem himself.

When this punishment has been carried out that shall be the end of it and none shall speak of this again.

Dathanar Rashad Mahdi of the House of the New Dawn.
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[A notice board used for making sentences public in Kathia]
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