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 Nifty ingame recruit script!

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Nifty ingame recruit script! Empty
PostSubject: Nifty ingame recruit script!   Nifty ingame recruit script! Icon_minitimeWed Jun 18, 2008 2:40 am

Here it is, teh awesome script that lets you post one of those links that people can click on and see our information. take these two lines and copy into a file called guild.txt put them in your aoc script folder and type /guild.txt while talking in the ooc channel in the game.

Remember it is only two lines, the first line /ch OOC and then everything else should be on one consistant line.

/ch OOC
<a href="text://<font color='red'><CENTER><U>House of the New Dawn</U></CENTER><br><br>Web site:</font><br><font color='silver'>http://www.hotnd.tk</font><br><br><font color='red'>Guild Status:</font><br><font color='silver'>Recruiting: YES</font><br><font color='silver'><font color='silver'>Guild City:</font> YES<br><font color='red'>Guild Master:</font><br><font color='green'>Rashad</font><br><font color='red'>Guild Officers:</font><br><font color='green'>Shadoloo, Jherica, Kahlid, Yasura, Lapis</font><br><br><br><font color='red'>Guild Information:</font><br><font color='silver'>The style of roleplay in our guild is perhaps a bit different from that of other more casual roleplay guilds as we have made our own custom lore, culture and religonwithin whats possible and realistic in the Conan universe. We offer you to play something different than those civilisations which already excist and instead letting your character become a Kathian, either through birth (we have lore dating 20 years before the age of conan to allow characters to have been born into the House) or through hard training.<br><br>So, who is a Kathian then? Well first and foremost all Kathians are soldiers in the New Dawns army. They are all trained in melee combat with the sword which is the favoured weapon among these people, however we allow all classes and certainly characters whom are not talented swordsmen in our guilds that is where the clans come in, all kathians are part of one of five clans. Read more about them on our website.<br><br>Also common to all members of the House of the New Dawn is that they have sworn to follow the three core laws, the very foundation of the House itself:<br><br><font color='red'>The law of Loyalty</font><br>Loyalty to the House and to your Dathanar, your comrades are your brothers and sisters you will never leave a wounded or dead on the battlefield, you will never retreat and you will never desert.<br><br><font color='red'>The law of Obedience</font><br>Obedience to the House and to your Dathanar, wisdom comes with knowledge, strength comes with experience and through this one achieves the right to lead. Obey those that are above and expect the same from those that are below.<br><br><font color='red'>The law of Balance</font><br>Balance for the sake of the House and yourself, achieve equilibrium in all that you do and bring honour to your comrades. A favour always repaid, a grievance always revenged.<br><br>This of course poses the question as to what or who the Dathanar is. It is title infact, one quite similar to that of king or lord but with a completely different meaning to it. While the Dathanars word is law he is not percieved as someone who rules those who are below him/her indeed a main philosophy of the House is that all are equal. Instead he is seen as a guide whom has been bestowed with much strength and wisdom and doing his/her will is the right thing to do according to the laws. Of course the House is militaristic and values discipline, disobedience is punished with severity of the crime being the measure.<br><br>So if you find this interesting and you feel you are a mature roleplayer then head on over to our website and post an application.</font>">House of the New Dawn is recruiting!</a>
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Nifty ingame recruit script!
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