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 The balance of a four legs.

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Cerillius Fidelii
Cerillius Fidelii

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Name: Cerillius Fidellii
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The balance of a four legs. Empty
PostSubject: The balance of a four legs.   The balance of a four legs. Icon_minitimeThu May 29, 2008 8:30 pm

Cimmeria, the grass adorned with silver water, the stones shining beneath the golden sun and the hills standing silent like large guardians of the valley.

It doesn't take long, before the first birds are heard whistling and singing in the distance, boars starting to charge after rainworms that have crawled out of the grounds.

Cerillius awakes and stretches his arms, looking around, blinded by the light that shines upon his face through the sun shining through a small hole in the mountain side. He rubs his eyes and once he is able to look around again he ties his cloak back on and takes a step outside of the cave.

Stiff from the hard stone inside the cave he stretches again, walking forward. Stepping through the valley he enjoyed the sight and feeling of the fresh wind guided by the mountain sides of the valley.

After climbing a couple of small hills he sees a large open area, full of fresh corpses, blood streaming over the ground.
Horrorfied as he is, he walks through the mess, noticing Vanir and other men he takes that it was a large slaughter. Stopping next to an armoured man, his armour endored with bronze patterns and a helmet which is now nothing more then a flat piece of iron, with a strange mark on it.

Taking a closer look at the helmet Cerillius sees that the supposed mark was not a mark, but the trace of a large animal that probably ran through these man in an angry stampede! As he discovers the cruel fact three boars run out of the bushes, running into him he falls on the ground, covered in the blood from the dead men he stands up, looking at the bushes the boars came from. They were moving..closer and closer to him..the became pointy..large white spikes came out of them, dark eyes looked into his, the large haired animal rose in it's full lenght when it finally reached the end of the bushes. Cerillius and the mammoth stood eye in eye for a moment, before Cerillius ran away and the mammoth began his next brutal stampede.

Cerillius ran, through pools, over rocky paths, narrow paths, but all the mammoth did was running after them, it's thick skin ignoring the rocks, his long legs running through the pools and his tusks hitting rocks out of his way.

Cerillius eventually heard a loud laugh coming from behind, briefly glancing over his shoulder he saw a man sitting on top of the mammoth, hitting it with a lash and holding a spear in his hand.

Cerillius ran on, with the last strength he had along a couple of trees. The rider and mammoth charged wildly until..the mammoth enraged, out of control and charged mindlessly, not listening to it's leader when he tried to stop the animal. Hit by a tree the man falls on the ground, death by the speed that this enraged animal has.

Cerillius reaches a marsh, having crossed it half he falls on his chest , tired he closes his eyes and rests his head on a stone, safe of drowning.

...Suddenly he awakes, a loud sound from close to him, he looks up seeing the mammoth. It got stuck in the marsh, one of his large legs sank deeply into the soft marsh soil.

Cerillius sits onto the stone and waits for the mammoth to lose strength and become calm, then walks to it carefully and strokes it over his head as it lies down.

"I will get you out..don't worry". Easier said then done, Cerillius went to sit back on the stone, not being particular smart he doens't have a clue to get the mammoth out.

For three days Cerillius brought the mammoth food and water and kept guard at night. He also collected a large pile of leaves around the mammoth's leg to try and keep it safe from freezing.

On the fourth day after scouting he finds a band of Vanir prospecting nearby copper veins. Cerillius thought up a plan that either saved or killed the mammoth. Depending on the belly of the Vanir.

He runs back for the mammoth, picks his sword up, and makes a slightly cut at the back of the mammoth. Making a loud noise the Vanir in the area came running to see what it was, noticing the mammoth. After toying with the creature they leave, returning with an overseer, wood, tools and more men later.

While they build a crane and wooden soil to place it on so it doesn't sink into the marsh, Cerillius awaits inside the woods surrounding them.
When the crane was completed the Vanir started to pull the mammoth out, slowly but steady, they managed to lift this massive creature, with a rope thick three times the arm of a man.

Once they lifted it and chained the animal to leave with it, Cerillius sneaked up behind the mammoth, then quickly running to the other side and pulling at it's ear, before running away.
The mammoth let's out a loud noice again while hitting all the surrounding Vanir with it's tusks, a couple surive naturally and Cerillius swiftly ended their lives with his swords, not being a big deal with the surprise atack.

He steals the keys from the Vanir Overseer and unlocks the mammoth, stroking it's head before stepping back.

"There you are big one, good luck further". The animal bends through it's knees and looks at Cerillius with a determined look.

Cerillius thinks for a moment, before climbing up the old owner's saddle. He takes the reigns and practices with steering, pullin at the mammoth's ears.

He walks into the distance with his new ally..disappearing into the Laceish mist.

((This would be an IC story to clarify how one like my character (poor) could reach a mammoth without being a higher ranked person in the house. This all hasn't happened yet, (box hasn't even arrived) so it's just hypothetical. Leave your thoughts on this. If this is something that would most likely -not- happen. Then also tell me Smile ))
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The balance of a four legs. Empty
PostSubject: Re: The balance of a four legs.   The balance of a four legs. Icon_minitimeFri May 30, 2008 10:23 am

A very nice story! I don't think there was anything I didn't like in it, perhaps some grammar errors here and there but all in all it was excellent Smile
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The balance of a four legs.
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