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 beachhead assault (rp)

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Yasura Mukantagara
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PostSubject: beachhead assault (rp)   beachhead assault (rp) Icon_minitimeWed May 28, 2008 11:16 am

A cloudless day, a burning sun and the humid climate made Eunice (pronounced Yu-ni-ké in greek) sweat as she hewed her way through crocodiles, panthers and savage, but obviously mindless Picts.
She couldn’t remember how she got on Tortage in the first place, but she determined to go leave it the fastest way possible: lift the blockade imposed by the admiral Strom. And the best way for that was to help the resistance topple the tyrant’s grip over the island. As the preparations for a crippling blow to Strom was made, and Eunice had to wait (she dislikes waiting), she helped the local population for the time being. The head of a Pict chieftain was demanded as a reprisal for their raids and grief to Tortage, and as Eunice had nothing better to do, she accepted.
As her boat landed on the shore of the White sands beach, Eunice saw she wasn’t the only one with errands here. Here and there a dead pict, a slain gorilla or mauled crocodile coloured the glittering sand with a crimson stain. Easier for her to reach her objective! Too easy, and as she approached a Pict dwelling by the shore, a stranger ambushed her. Eunice barely had time to sidestep as a two handed sword clove into the sand next to her. She retaliated fast and unexpectedly with a swing and bash from her shield, as the man flew backwards, completely dazzled. Eunice did not waste time in scanning her foe, as others might lie come to the fight soon enough. She charged forward, wounding her adversary as he struggled back on his feet. His actions were slow and predictable, making it all the easier for her. It didn’t take long before she bested him, finishing the wretch off by tearing a hole in his chest, leaving him for carnivores to scavenge. After a quick look around, and with no visible threat, Eunice sheathed her sword and continued by the shore. No opposition found, she stood in front of the palisade wall which separated her from her target. She peeked inside…
Three Picts by the fire, a tough fight, but not impossible, especially no to one professionally trained in warfare. Eunice took her spear and aimed, then one Pict dropped with a loud thud as the spear stuck out of his chest. The two others jumped on their feet, bewildered as savage beasts, rushing Eunice as they spotted her. But reckless roars and swings were no match to Eunice’s disciplined combat, and the first Pict was silenced with a broken nose, as her shield crunched his face, swiftly followed by a right swing of her sword, aimed at his neck. The Pict’s head fell soundlessly on the grass while the body shook in spasms before it dropped. The other Pict did not pause for his brothers fate but joined him soon as Eunices sword impaled his breast, making him squeal like a butchered pig. After retrieving her spear from a dead Pict, Eunice treads warily up the path. The hut of the chieftain was in sight, but she suddenly stopped.
Eunice felt something, a presence, though it didn’t seem human. Her hearing suddenly sharpened as she heard distant weaponclamor, the waves, the wind blowing through the sand and…some sort of gurgling sounds. Eunice rotated on her feet, sword and shield at the ready, though quickly softening at the thing she saw. In front of her stood something. A monster with the body of a man, though greatly demonic, wielding a great blade, still dripping of blood from its victim. Eunice examined the demon, looking at its face, unsure where the eyes were. Her heartbeat went quicker, and her wits came back, though with a uncertainty. Eunice did not fear anything, but this was not something human, and completely unknown, she did not know what to expect. The demon lowered his blade a bit and emanated strange bubbling sounds… (if you don’t know already, that’s a HoX in demon form)

(this is my first pvp encounter and then my first rp with Eunice ^^)
To be continued…
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beachhead assault (rp)
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