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 First word from the Dathanar

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First word from the Dathanar Empty
PostSubject: First word from the Dathanar   First word from the Dathanar Icon_minitimeMon May 19, 2008 4:29 pm

Hail all people of Kathia!

As you all know we have had to struggle hard the last few months, we have lost many against the Khorajan barbarian tribes. But finally, by the grace of the siblings we stand victorious in the end. I regret however that I must now order you all to leave our city as the dead that we have not been able to burn has begun to spread diseases and you all are under risk to become infected if you remain. Therefor I will only allow the wounded and our healers to stay within our walls until this issue has been resolved. The rest of you I will ask to recruit more to our cause to fill the gaps of our fallen and reinforce our strength, I also want you to gather resources with which we will repair the damages to our city.

Dathanar Rashad Mahdi of the New Dawn
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First word from the Dathanar
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