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 Ravenna's dismal dialogue.

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Ravenna's dismal dialogue. Empty
PostSubject: Ravenna's dismal dialogue.   Ravenna's dismal dialogue. Icon_minitimeSat May 10, 2008 2:59 pm

Eyes shut. Sitting alone. Abiding to the rules of the room. This was the new beginning she had looked for. Or was it? Perhaps this was the beginning to something awful and dreadful. Though, for once she thought positive about this. Only this.
The future could be an everflowing stream of blackness misery which will defile her heart and soul...
...soul. How could there be souls when people die for nothing. Raised by values just to throw them away when life kicks them in the teeth. Alas, how could you glance upon a world so strange indeed when nothing remains the same.
Believe in nothing. Tomorrow turned into yesterday, it seemed.
Through out years of malice Ravenna had lost hope for the future of people which inherit the planet. If nothing in the world can change our children will inherit nothing.

Yes, I am here. I have found my safe haven. But for how long? The divinity inside me is telling me to go one way. I...I need to stop, talking to myself. Am I going insane? Dementia preacox ample...I need to rest.

And so it came to pass. Eye shut and a stream of lethargica consumed here. Finaly some rest.

Nova era...
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Ravenna's dismal dialogue.
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