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 Reporting for duty my Dorini!

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Character sheet
Name: Zahra un Osahar
Race: Stygian
Clan: Secrets

Reporting for duty my Dorini! Empty
PostSubject: Reporting for duty my Dorini!   Reporting for duty my Dorini! Icon_minitimeFri May 09, 2008 10:59 pm

Basically, i made this thread for the Secrets clan to have an overview of who and how many the clan has, also rank and whatnot.

here goes.

Name: Zahra un Osahar
** Zahra is the Daughter of Khalid Osahar, the "un" part means "Daughter of//Son of" **
Rank: Danano
** Bodyguard of the Dathanar, if a new Dathanar is elected.. Zahra will become the bodyguard of that one instead ofc. And in short she also works as a bodyguard for her father Khalid too.**
State: Active and looking for work.
** Being a Danano, Zahra is still part of the Secrets Clan. Danano is the highest form of rank that's possible to achieve besides being a dorini or Dathanar. However, Zahra will be treated just like any other member within clan of secrets due to her state. Zahra answer only to The dathanar, Khalid and the Dorini of the Secrets clan. **

Background story can be found on our wiki,
and also... here's my msn if you got any questions.
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Reporting for duty my Dorini!
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