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 Shadoloo's Joining

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Shadoloo Tan
Dorini of Balance
Dorini of Balance
Shadoloo Tan

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Character sheet
Name: Shadoloo Tan
Race: Stygian
Clan: Balance

PostSubject: Shadoloo's Joining   Tue Apr 29, 2008 4:01 pm

:: Many years ago…::

The tall and profound Priest of Set carries himself well as he walks down a street in a Stygian City after just making an appearance at a town meeting, spreading his words and influence. He basks in the glory of the warm sun and the gentle breeze, which almost blows his sombre hood from covering his eyes, yet his face somehow always finding shadow. Whilst thinking about his next move his thoughts were suddenly disturbed by a bumbling voice;

Disciple: "Master, Master!"

Shadoloo looks in his, unwanted, Disciples direction with an unimpressed eye brow raised.

Shadoloo: "Bring attention to me in public again and your soul will never find peace" Shadoloo says in a calm yet threatening way as he gives the disciple a vicious stare.

Disciple: "Forgive me but there is something you must see..."

The disciple pants as he talks, trying to catch his breath. He explains about a mysterious Parchment and how someone has been blaspheming against the 'great god' Set and how he must be stopped. Shadoloo listens intently and purses his lips.

Shadoloo: "...I see...Perhaps your soul will not be damned after all...Disciple. I will handle this....insolence myself."

There is a slight pause of thought and silence before Shadoloo walks off at a quickened pace. He thinks to himself about the words of this 'Dathanar', “The audacity…The impudence…The blaspheme”…

”I’m intrigued” he says with a smirk on his face as he decides to attend the meeting.

The hours pass and the darkness sweeps over the land like a swarm of locust. The only light being given off by the pale shimmer of the full moon. Shadoloo stays out of sight as he enters the building and watches as the others gather in the room. He observes from the darkest corner and gives no input the entire time, he listens to the Dathanars passionate words, so sure, so certain.

He watches as the other attendees of the meeting give arguments to the mans bold statements which are always countered by another. Some walk out in outrage but most stayed…and eventually pledged themselves to the cause. As the last of the men and women agree to join the cause Shadoloo was eventually noticed. The time had come to make a life changing decision, for there will be no turning back.

Dathanar: “So…Will you…?”

Shadoloo hesitates as he glances up at the impassioned man whose eyes never squinted with fear or doubt. The silence seemed to last for ever, the wind could be heard bellowing outside and swinging the basement door open then slamming back down with a loud crash. Shadoloo looks to the floor as if having second thoughts, what went through his mind at this point only Shadoloo knows, but he quickly returns his gaze to the Dathanar and say’s his final words.

Shadoloo: “I Will…”

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Character sheet
Name: Rashad Mahdi
Race: Stygian
Clan: Balance

PostSubject: Re: Shadoloo's Joining   Tue Apr 29, 2008 5:46 pm

study Very nice story!
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Shadoloo's Joining
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